You can renew for a YEAR

If you are currently a paid member (you have access to my programs), you can renew for 12 months for just $60. This means that if your membership runs out, I suggest that you do NOT pay $30 for 3 months. It is best that you pay $60 because that extra $30 will add 9 […]

Two NEW Programs!

I just added to new programs to my site. The new KEY BREAKDOWN-STRT program is for straight numbers. This program will break down any list of straight numbers by key digit (0 to 9). It will give you a list for each key digit. The list with the most numbers will be on top and […]

3 NEW Programs!

I just put up 3 new programs. The first one is for Gold members only. This program will give you the 20 straight numbers due in any state. Nothing to figure out; just enter the last 200 numbers that hit your state and the 20 numbers will be listed in the output (you can do […]

7 Announcements ($900 Straight Hits Explained on the NEW Money Report)

1-The California program will be up today or tomorrow. If you have access to my VIP programs: Pay special attention to the instructions I have for the California program. They are very detailed. I will make the instructions for the other programs the same when I update them. 2-I will be renaming the name of […]

How To Reduce the 20 Super Six Numbers Down to Just 4 Numbers

How To Reduce the 20 Super Six Numbers Down to Just 4 Numbers. This page is only for paid members. Even if you submitted a review, I still need at least one month payment ($60) to give you access to this page. 

New Members-Only Post: Email Me for Password

I just put up a brand new post on the new Members-Only page which is password protected:  This post deals with the NY follower program. This password will be changed on the 1st of every month. So the current password will be good until April 30. There will be a new password on May 1. This will allow me to […]