7 Announcements ($900 Straight Hits Explained on the NEW Money Report)

1-The California program will be up today or tomorrow. If you have access to my VIP programs: Pay special attention to the instructions I have for the California program. They are very detailed. I will make the instructions for the other programs the same when I update them.

2-I will be renaming the name of those who are on the automatic monthly $60 program. The name I have in mind is Gold Membership. This will be to distinguish them from VIP members, of which there are several now. So there will VIP and Gold membership, with the Gold members getting my absolute BEST strategies.

3-And speaking of best strategies, you will soon be seeing me win $900 per straight hit in New York. You may even see a few $1800 straight hits as well. ( I have gotten several $225 hits already: https://pick3master333.com/my-straight-hits/ ) – So its time for me to take it to the Next Level!

4-I am thinking of explaining exactly what I will be doing to get these kinds of $900 and $1800 straight hits in what I will most likely call The Money Report, which only Gold members will see.

5-I am currently writing a report explaining my new 5 level training system. Those 5 levels are:

(1) FREE Access for 10 days.
(2) 7 Day Club membership.
(3) 3 Month Access of my VIP programs for $60.
(4) VIP Membership. This will give you ongoing access to the VIP programs.
(5) Gold Membership. The biggest difference between VIP and Gold membership will be that only Gold members will get my Money Reports. These reports will explain exactly how I will be winning $900 to $1800 per straight hit. I will also give Gold members access to my Private Programs.

6-You can sign up for Gold membership at the bottom of this page: http://pick3programs.comWhich will take you here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr (Note: other arrangements can be made insofar as payment is concerned – but Gold Membership is strictly $60 per month. Email me if you have any questions: aanewyork4000@gmail.com)

7-The first Money Report will be out AFTER I get my first $900 hit….so it will be based on something that works – not on some theory I have. Expect to see the first Money Report be out in 30 days or less!

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