NEW VIP-Only Program: Program Instructions for DR20

This program will only be accessed by VIP members (you can join on a month to month basis if interested, email me for details at I describe VIP membership on THIS PAGE. However, you will still be able to use this brand new system (DR20) by carefully reading the detailed instructions below. This brand new program is up on the VIP section right now!


DR20 stands for “Daily Revelation 20.” This is a day to day system and it’s based on the digits you see on the top two levels of the Revelation 20 program. This program is based on two observations: (1) the digits on the top two levels of the Revelation Boxes tend to hit (in any order, not just from left to right) and (2) the 20 draw Revelation Box is the best one to use on a day to day basis because it most accurately reflects what is going on right now in the game (the 40 and 60 draw boxes tend to remain the same for longer periods of time. They move at a slower pace).  The way you use this system is as follows (I am assuming a 2-draw per day state in this example); at the end of the day, write out the line for the day which will consist of the two days numbers in box form, followed by the top digits in the Revelation Box 20 program (usually 4, 5, or 6 unique digits). For example, if 574 and 633 hit today and the top unique digits in the Revelation 20 program are 1 3 8 5 and 9, the line for today would be this: 457-336: 13589 (write 574 and 633 in box form and arrange the REV-20 digits from lowest to highest). You have to write the 457 and 336 for tracking purposes and to see any hits from previous playlists. For example, the last four lines in your state can look like this:

457-336: 13589
112-455: 2389
035-118: 12389
137-234: 13589

Each of these lines will have a playlist. For example for 112-455, the playlist is 238, 239, 289, 389 (entering the digits in the Wheeling Program will give you the playlist for any set of digits). To get the playlist for 12389 for example, enter these digits on the Wheeling Program. Here is the most important part of this system; match up the playlist for the last 2 to 4 days and look for matching numbers. For example, the number 389 is on all four lines above.

457-336: 13589 (389)
112-455: 2389 (389)
035-118: 12389 (389)
137-234: 13589 (389)

That is one of the numbers you would play: 389. Play it box, or six ways for a straight hit. In this particular case, 389 hit two drawings later:

487-389: 1358 (A HIT! 389)
589-168: 12358
457-336: 13589 (389)
112-455: 2389 (389)
035-118: 12389 (389)
137-234: 13589 (389)

At the end of the day add the two new numbers on top (above 487-389 in the example above) and then enter the last 20 numbers on this program to get the new set of REV-20 digits and the corresponding playlist. Then look for repeating numbers in (at least) the last two lines (589-168 and 457-336). Again: the best way to find repeating numbers is by entering the playlists for these numbers on the Group Matching System program.


> REVELATION 20-40-60


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