“My Top System” is Up on Amazon

“My Top System” is Up on Amazon


I suggest you read this Kindle book if:
(1) You want to understand the Reference Box.
(1) You want to understand the Revelation Box.
(1) You want to understand my current Top System in detail.
(1) You want to understand where I am getting the weekly 7 DAY NUMBERS.

This Kindle book will show you or explain….…

•How the digits in the first, second, and third positions are selected.
•How the Revelation Box is different from the Reference Box.
•The Secret behind my Top System (Very Important).
•Where LIST-8 comes from.
•The Box Positional Control program.
•The Revelation 20, 40, and 60 programs.
•The Group Matching program.
•Why you should not count numbers with certain programs.
•Useful Tips when recording numbers in Word.
•Entering both midday and evening numbers.
•My Secret Weapon (NEW!)

Best Part: It’s Just $2.99 !!

VIP Members: I will email you the PDF version of the book today.

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