Preview of Book-4 (Oct 11-Oct 17)

I ran into “problems” while back testing the DR20 system this weekend – but something very good came out of it. I found a system that gives you 10 numbers for the week that tend to hit. I actually back tested the system last week with the numbers from Book-3 and the system had a hit for almost all 23 states!

One more thing; this system gives you ONE number that tends to hit in the next 1 or 2 weeks. Play it box (or 6 ways for a straight hit). You play this one number the first week and if you don’t get a hit, play it the following week. You will usually get a hit in the first or second week.

I will explain all the details in tomorrow’s book (emailed out in the morning to VIP and 7 Day Club members). The Kindle edition will be up on Amazon on Sunday night or on Monday.


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