“What is Coding?” — “How does Coding Work?”

I just put up a new category on pick3programs.com for my new ALPHA reports.

And just to be clear, ALPHA will replace the Basic Box system because it is much more accurate…and it will include doubles.

The ABC program will be based on the ALPHA system (see report below to learn more about my brand new ABC program).

And the ALPHA system is based on coding.

But what is coding?

How does coding work?

If you are a member, you can log into pick3programs.com right now, go to the ALPHA reports section, and read my brand new “How Coding Works” report.

You will learn a great deal by reading this report.

> ALPHA-Report-1
> How Coding Works
> ALPHA-Triggers: 1-2 Punch

 $60 Special: https://pick3master333.com/60-special/


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