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ALPHA-14: Only Play the Next Two Days after a Hit

I just marked on a calendar the days that the ALPHA-14 program hit in New York in December and January and the days are these: December 1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 14, 16, 29, 30 (all midday hits) January 6, 8, 13, 20, 21, 24 (all midday hits) A strategy that comes to mind is simple: […]

ALPHA Coding Program Coming Soon!

Today is Monday January 26. I have 3 big announcements. 1-I will be releasing my own personal ALPHA coding program to those on my coaching program on February 1. This is the program I used to code the results of the last 12 months in New York (734 numbers) with the click of a bottom! […]

ALPHA-14 Numbers for Monday Jan 26

The ALPHA-14 program is now up at This program should give you 2 hits per week in New York. (I will soon put up a coding program that will make it possible for anybody to code any state). How good is the program? Well, lets see if it hits this week. Below are todays numbers from […]

“Did the Program Predict 122 Hits?” Q and A

QUESTION Your report says that the codes showed up 122 times in a year. Does that mean the program actually predicted a hit 122 times in that year? ============================================== ANSWER No.   It means that when I counted up all the codes of the last 12 months, the codes corresponding to these 14 numbers hit 122 times, which is 16.62% […]

NEW ALPHA-14 Program: 2 Hits per Week, 10 Hits Per Month!

New ALPHA-14 Program Coming Up! Just Play 14 Numbers – Hit 2 Times per Week! I just come up with a brand NEW program that gives you 14 numbers to play –  and  yet will give you 2 hits per week and 10 hits per month!! Click on the link below to open up a […]

076 Just Hit NY (Digit 0 predicted) See Attached Report

076 just hit New York. The three digits for today are 0-3-9 and I have been predicting the first digit for 3 days now, as you can see on this page: LESSON: It will sometimes take 1 to 3 days for the due FIRST or SECOND digit to hit. See report below to learn why you should only focus […]

If you are NEW, Read This

    Below is an email I just sent out to a new member of my Pick 3 list.  The information on it applies to every new person to my systems.  ============================  I offer Pick 3 systems and programs and I recommend playing online at because of the bigger payouts. They pay $150 for a […]