ALPHA Coding Program Coming Soon!

Today is Monday January 26.

I have 3 big announcements.

1-I will be releasing my own personal ALPHA coding program to those on my
coaching program on February 1. This is the program I used to code the results
of the last 12 months in New York (734 numbers) with the click of a bottom!
It would have taken me at least 3 MONTHS to do this accurately by hand.
Once you have access to this incredible time saving coding program, you will
be able to quickly code any state. I suggest initially using the results of the
last year to get an overall idea of what codes hit the most in your state.

What will coding tell you?

It will tell you the STRUCTURE of the exact numbers that
hit the most in your state based on the previous 10 numbers.

However, to understand this coding process, you must read my
newly updated ALPHA Report-1. If you don’t know what is on this report,
you will be lost.

2-My second announcement is that I just updated ALPHA Report-1, today,
Monday January 26. I just added some pretty cool NEW material that you
have to know to use the ALPHA coding program.

Assuming you are on my coaching program, you can email me NOW with
Member-ALPHA” on the subject line and I will send it to you right away
(if you are paying month to month, you need to have paid for at least 3
months to get this updated report.).

Make sure to include your FIRST and LAST name on your email
so I can find your account quickly.

My direct email is

Late Entry


3-I am thinking of adding a Pair Finding Program.
Simply enter any list of numbers onto this program and
it will quickly tell you the most common pairs on that list!

NOTE: This is an excellent program to use along with the coding
program. I already know what pairs hit the most in NY because
I found out which pairs hit the most in the codes (ADVANCED stuff here!).
$60 One Month Special (One-Time Payment = 30 Day Access)


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