I Just Hit 494 Straight in New York

I said I found the Solution to the Pick 3 riddle right? You will be seeing me get more straight hits than usual in the next few days and weeks, starting today. I just hit 494 straight in New York.


I WILL BE SENDING GOLD MEMBERS THE NUMBERS I WILL BE PLAYING THE NEXT DAY EVERY NIGHT. This means that if you are a Gold member, tonight I will be sending you the numbers I will be playing in New York tomorrow (the system I am using works in all states). However, I will NOT be explaining how or why I am playing these numbers just yet (I will do that in SECRETS-6)  – but I will give Gold members the MAP I am using (the map is the name I have given to the new and improved chart I introduced in the Q4 system).

Which reminds me: I will be sending out the G25 Report (which is the same as SECRETS-5) to Gold members and to those players who took advantage of the $12 Super Special sometime today or tomorrow.

(If you got the Q4 system in the last few days, I will give you a little more time to learn the Q4 system; I will email you the G25 Report over the weekend.). 

You have to learn these two systems in order, or else you will end up being very confused.

1-Learn Q4 first.
2-Then learn G25.

You can learn more by reading Book-52.

Just click on the link below to open this FREE PDF:



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