The Q4 Super Special

I have two quick announcements. First, the Q4 Straight Number System can now be purchased as a stand alone system.


This will include the special Grid or chart that the system is based on, a Report explaining the system, a Database (explained in the report) PLUS a few Bonuses: 60 day access to my VIP programs, Secrets-2, Secrets-3, Book-40 (Secrets-3 and Book-40 explain how to use 5dimes). I call this the Q4 Super Special. You get all this for just $60. This is ONE TIME PURCHASE. There is nothing else to buy or join.

By the way…Q4 does NOT require the use of any program because Q4 is a PEN and PAPER system; you basically just need the Q4 Grid and Q4 Report to use this system. I will prepare a report explaining this Q4 Super Special in more detail. For now, email me with this LONG code on the subject line of your email if you are interested in this Special (my email is or


Second announcement: Gold members will now be getting the Gold Reports (which contain my most advanced strategies) throughout the week, not just on Sundays. I already started doing this. Last night, for example, I sent out a database based on the Q4 system. I explained how to use the database to determine the set of numbers that will be hitting New York next (you can use the database I sent as a model to create one for your state if you don’t play the NY numbers.) So this is great for Gold members; now they will get 1 to 7 Gold Reports per week!

You can learn about my 4 levels of training HERE. 

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