341 Straight in NY (Posted 3 days ago)

Look at the 40 numbers I posted on September 3. 

341 is on the list and it hit tonight in New York!

This 40 straight number system is based on an improvement I made to the Q4 system that makes it possible for me to reduce my playlist from 250 straight numbers down to just 40 straight numbers; and as you can see, they hit within a few days. 

Now let me formally introduce this system. And like I said, this system is an improvement of the Q4 system – so you have to understand Q4 to understand this system (when I start teaching it…to Gold members). 

I call this system G25. 

G25 is short for 25 Groups. Basically what I  have done is divide the 1000 Pick 3 numbers into 25 groups. Each of these groups has 40 numbers. 

40 x 25 = 1000

I will starting teaching this new system to gold members soon. 

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