I Just Hit 993 Straight in New York!!


This is my second straight hit this week. (I hit 494 straight on Wednesday.) 

I want to say a few things about this. 

You will have to take the following steps to understand what I am doing.

1-Read the Q4 Report (Secrets-4).
2-Read the G25 Report (Secrets-5)
3-Read The G25 Follow up Report (NEW!!).

The G25 Follow up Report explains the EXACT system I used to get both of these straight hits this week. I sent it to Gold Members YESTERDAY, so this is a super brand NEW report.

If you purchased the Q4 system, I will send it to you after you finish reading the G25 Report (the Q4 system includes the G25 system.) And just so you know, I am currently playing 80 straight numbers at 5dimes (when you purchase the Q4 system, you will get two Bonus reports that explain how 5dimes works: Secrets-3 and Book-40).

Gold members have everything I have listed here. The G25 Follow up report actually has number 993 listed because it has the numbers that I am currently playing. However, since 993 just hit, I will have to get a NEW set of numbers tonight.

The G25 Follow up Report explains the exact workout I will be doing tonight to get the NEW Set of STRAIGHT numbers I will be playing tomorrow, Sunday Sept 18.

I will also send Gold members TONIGHT the straight numbers I will be playing tomorrow. That is one of the benefits of Gold membership: I will tell you what I am playing in New York the night before. However, after you read the G25 Follow up Report, you can use my system in any state…because this system works in any and ALL states. What I am saying here is that after you read the Follow up report you can start getting STRAIGHT hits consistently in your state.

So it looks like Gold membership is the way to go. You can join at the Gold level in two ways. First, you can sign up for the automatic monthly program at the bottom of THIS PAGE. 

Click on SUBSCRIBE and sign into your Paypal account. You will be charged $60 every month. You can cancel anytime. You can cancel this yourself from your Paypal account or you can email me and I will cancel your subscription.

The second option is to join on a month to month basis. To do that simply email me with this on the subject line of your email: GOLD – One Month – $60. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com or aanewyork4000@gmail.com

I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. You will be a Gold members for the next 30 days. This means that you will get ANY NEW Report or System I come up with in the next 30 days. I will also email you every night and tell you what I will be playing in NY the next day. You will also get 30 days of VIP access. And of course, you will also get the Q4, G25, and Follow up reports.

NOTE: You will not be getting everything at once because that will only confuse you. I will send you Q4 first. Then G25 a few days later. Then the Follow up report after that.


If you don’t want to join anything (you only want the reports), I have two price points. You can get both the Q4 system and the G25 system ONLY for $60. I explain this Special HERE. 

If you want the Follow up report as well, the price is $99. For $99 you will get the Q4 system (which includes 3 bonuses), the G25 system, and the Follow up Report. You will also get 60 days of VIP access. If you want this $99 Special, email me with this on the subject line of your email: “$99-Q4-G25-60D-VIP”.

Keep in mind that this $99 Special is a ONE time purchase. You will NOT be getting the other benefits of Gold membership.

The Pick 3 Coach

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