Book-2 is Here (Advanced Strategies)

In this second book in the series I build upon the foundation I laid in
Book 1:

I strongly suggest you read Book-1 first before reading Book-2.

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This Kindle has my most ADVANCED Pick 3 strategies up to date.
In this Book I discuss these topics:

*The Improvement to Group D.
*How to Find the Most Due Group.
*The Gap: Use it to Predict What Digits Will Hit Next!
*The Group Sequence.
*Groups 1 and 2.
*How to Reduce the 8 Super Numbers Down to Just 4 Numbers.
*The Trigger That Will Tell You when 3, 4, or 5 of the Super Numbers  Will Hit in the coming month.
*The 6 Groups.
*The Master Number.
*The First, Second, and Third Numbers.
*The X Numbers.
*Split Numbers.
*Left Side Numbers.
*Right Side Numbers.
*The 25 Basic Numbers.
*The Magic Square Numbers (Full List).
*Pick 3 Wisdom.
*BONUS: Several NEW Strategies that I have NEVER Discussed Before!

Read this Kindle to take your game to the Next Level!


You can wait for this Kindle to be up on Amazon (in 1 to 3 days) or you can get the PDF edition TODAY for just $15. This includes 15 day access to my programs. To get it, email me with $15-Book-2 on the subject line of your email at

I can give you the PDF edition of BOTH books (Book-1 and Book-2) for $20 (it includes 20 day access to my programs). Just email me with $20-Both Books on the subject line of your email. I will email you the PDFs right after I get payment. 

PREVIEW of Book-3

In the next book (Book-3) I will be explaining my most advanced strategy yet: How to use the magic square to get DAILY hits in the Pick 3 game!


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