5271 STRAIGHT in North Carolina

I posted 15 box numbers for the Win 4 game on this POST on Tuesday October 9. I used numbers starting from Saturday October 7 (two days before). These numbers are good for 2 WEEKS. This means that the 15 numbers are good from Sunday October 8 to Saturday October 21. Click on the link below to open a preliminary  Hit Report. I will be sending out a final report after the 21st.

WIN 4 Hit Report for October 21

Notice that Michigan got 3 hits so far (page 3).
Connecticut got a hit.
And so did Georgia and Maryland.
Other states got hits as well.

This system is based on a six digit code. I will explain how I come up with the six digits in a new Kindle soon. The six digits for North Carolina are 527109 (see page 5).

5271 hit North Carolina straight the next day on Sunday October 8. These are the first four digits in the six digit code for NC. This is a new system and I am not sure how frequently this will happen, but I will definitely be paying attention to it.

I will be sending out the first report with Win 4 predictions starting this coming SUNDAY morning (October 22). The numbers will be good for two weeks: Sunday October 22 to Saturday November 4.

The first one or two reports will be FREE. After that they will only be going out to Gold members. I explain my membership levels HERE.  Email me if you are interested in becoming a Gold member. I can be reached at aanewyork4000@gmail.com


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