8 Super Numbers and Magic Square 149


The number 419 (149 in box form) hit New York on October 7, 2017. What if I told you that this is one of the 8 Super Numbers in the Pick 3 game? If all you did was track these numbers (to anticipate when one of them will hit next) you will do just fine. You may not even have to track them because you will do very well by just playing these numbers since one of these numbers tends to hit virtually EVERY WEEK (I know; it sounds impossible; but it’s true). They will miss a week or two from time to time; but one or more of them will hit soon after. Actually, you will HIT on a regular consistent basis if you focused your attention on just these 8 numbers.

And this is interesting: if you went back 10 to 20 drawings in your state, you will most likely find one, two or more of these numbers. As a matter of fact, TWO of these 8 numbers hit New York on the SAME DAY recently! These 8 super numbers are based on a simple 3×3 matrix or magic square I just came up with that dramatically simplifies the Pick 3 game.

I call this matrix Magic Square 149.

But there is more to this matrix than just 8 super numbers; there are four groups or sectors inside the magic square that predict which numbers will hit your state as well. I explain what these groups are in this Kindle. 

I get emails from players all the time wanting a simple method to help them win. This is the system that I will be recommending to these players from now on (my other systems are too complicated and time consuming).

Here is the bottom line: Read this Kindle to learn the most SIMPLE and straightforward approach to the Pick 3 game that you have ever seen. This system will help you WIN!

This Kindle will be up on Amazon most likely tomorrow, October 11, 2017! I will send out an email when it’s up!

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