The Wealth Report is up on Amazon!


The Wealth Report is here (only $2.99):


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I am using a pen name here: Mike Strong.

This system is NOT related to Pick 3 or Win 4.

I explain here a dependable way to make money. In this Kindle I explain, in DETAIL, how I was able to make $5500 in just 48 hours last month on Tuesday March 28 and Wednesday March 29.

If you are struggling financially….DO WHAT I EXPLAIN IN THIS KINDLE …because playing Pick 3 and Win 4 are NOT reliable ways to make money (I am sure many of you have figured this out by now). If you are not a Basic, VIP, or Gold member (they already have this report), I suggest you do 3 things:

1-First read “UPDATE for April 2017”
on this page:

2-Then email me to get the $5500 Report.

3-Then buy the Kindle (just $2.99).

What you learn here can set you on the path to Financial Freedom.

Email me the receipt you get from Amazon after you buy the Kindle and I will send you the PDF edition of the Kindle, which is much easier to read.
I am not giving up on Pick 3 and Win 4. I will still keep coming up with strategies to win – but I will be playing these games for FUN because these games are just pastimes and hobbies – NOT reliable ways to make money. Some of you have learned this the Hard Way: by losing a ton of money over the years.
I have a Special Offer related to this Kindle that will give you 3 MONTHS OF GOLD ACCESS. EMAIL ME to get all the exciting details. Email me with this on the subject line of your email: “3-MONTHS-GOLD-DETAILS” – My email is

The Credit Repair Wealth Building System:


You do NOT need a Kindle device to purchase a Kindle. When you purchase a Kindle you will be able to view it right on your computer (you will be guided to download the Kindle viewing program after you purchase it). I personally do not have a Kindle device–but I can read any Kindle I purchase right on my computer. You can download the Kindle viewing program HERE. If it does not work, do a Google search for “download Kindle reader”.


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