Update for April 26 (Exciting Announcements!)

I have some exciting announcements.

I will no longer be putting out the weekly books. Instead what I will do is put out reports on an as needed basis. These reports will be based on questions that I get by email from time to time. The following reports are currently available…for FREE!

A Straight Number System
How to Find Good Doubles for Play
How to Reduce Any List
How to Record Your Numbers (excellent for beginners)

To get them, simply email me with “Send FREE Reports” on the subject line of your email and I will email them to you right away. If you only need one of them, email me with the name of that report on the subject line of your email, so email me with “Send “How to Reduce Any List” report” if you just need this report (I already sent out these reports, so if you are on my email list you should have gotten them by now).

Also, books 75 to 80 are now available for FREE! If you are on my list, you should have books 75 and 80. However, you may be missing Books 76, 77, 78, and 79. If you want these books as well (also FREE), email me with “SEND Books 76-79” on the subject line of your email and I will email them to you right away. My email is aanewyork4000@gmail.com (I also have The 10 Number System report available; you can request it if you don’t currently have it.)


You will soon be seeing a brand new Win 4 program. This program will give you the 36 doubles for any digit entered. For example, when you enter the digit 4, the program will give you this:

Win 4 Doubles Playlist
The 36 Doubles for 44xx
0144 0244 0344 0445 0446 0447 0448 0449 1244
1344 1445 1446 1447 1448 1449 2344 2445 2446
2447 2448 2449 3445 3446 3447 3448 3449 4456
4457 4458 4459 4467 4468 4469 4478 4479 4489

And when you enter 7, it will give you this:

Win 4 Doubles Playlist
The 36 Doubles for 77x
0177 0277 0377 0477 0577 0677 0778 0779 1277
1377 1477 1577 1677 1778 1779 2377 2477 2577
2677 2778 2779 3477 3577 3677 3778 3779 4577
4677 4778 4779 5677 5778 5779 6778 6779 7789

This program will be right under the Win 4 Playlist 210 program on the menu (you have to be a VIP member to access these Win 4 programs).


I have more Good News!

I am running a 2 for 1 Special from now to MAY 6 (the first Saturday in May). From today to May 6 you will get 2X the membership for the same price. For example, for $20 you will get 2 months of Basic membership and for $60 you will get 2 months of Gold membership (Gold membership includes access to the best Win 4 programs). And I saved the best for last: normally, VIP membership is 3 months for $60 – but between now and next Saturday you will get 6 MONTHS of VIP access for $60. That means that for $60 you will have access to my programs from now to October! If interested, email me with “$20-Basic-2-Months” on the subject line of your email if you want 2 months of Basic membership. Email me with “$60-Gold-2-Months” if you want 2 months of Gold membership (I will add 2 months to your membership if you are currently a Basic or Gold member) and email me with “$60-VIP-6-Months” if you want 6 months of VIP membership.

(The main difference between Basic and VIP is that VIP gives you access to the Win 4/Pick 4 programs – and Basic membership only gives you access to Pick 3 programs. And the difference between VIP and Gold is that Gold members have access to the best Win 4/Pick 4 programs, and VIP members do not).

Finally, I suggest you request the $5500 Report where I explain a system that can help you make money consistently over the long term. This report is basically an introduction to my latest Kindle (I am using Mike Strong as a pen name): http://alturl.com/sfgq7

This Kindle is AMAZING and it’s just $2.99. (But make sure you read my $5500 Report before purchasing the Kindle…just email me with “Send $5500 Report” on the subject line of your email.

And I have good news for those of you who read the Credit Repair Wealth Building System. In this Kindle I solve the biggest problem facing those who are poor or who have little or no money available: I explain EXACTLY what you can do to make more money (in the Kindle I explain how I was able to come up with $5500 in 48 hours). The process I explain (l call it laying the foundation) will not happen overnight, but it is something that MANY people have done. It is doable. And if you recall, I said that all that is required now is finding the right investment or money making system (once you can get your hands on cash, the next step is figuring out how to invest that cash wisely).

Here is the Good News: I have found a very profitable money making system (it’s not Real Estate) – and best of all, you can start with very little money ($100 should be enough!). I will be revealing this amazing discovery in Volume 2 or Volume 3 (I am not sure yet) but I have to tell you, this is the most incredible thing I have ever come up with (and that is saying a lot).

This system is SUPER EASY to do. All you need is your computer OR your phone. You can make money on a DAILY BASIS (yes, on a DAILY basis). The great thing about this is that it is a very SPECIFIC Step by Step system. This means that I no longer have to be vague or general about how to invest your money; I can tell you EXACTLY where to invest your money and show a profit right away. I am working on a way to use this system so that it gives you a profit every 1 to 3 months – but the system can be modified so that you make money EVERY DAY. Again, all you need is your phone or computer and about $100 to get started!

I will be explaining all the exciting details of this system in Volume 2 or Volume 3 – but it would be a good idea for you to get started with Volume 1 first: alturl.com/sfgq7 – (Make sure you join the special email list I explain in this Kindle because I will be sending updates to THAT email – not to my Pick 3 list). Email me the code on the last page of the Kindle and I will email you the PDF edition, which is easier to read. 

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