Get Volumes 1 and 2 for $15 (And get FREE ACCESS!!)

Volumes 1 and 2 are up on Amazon:

If you have any issue getting these Kindle books from Amazon, I can make it easy for you. I can email you the PDF version of both books for $15. If interested, email me with “$15 VOL 1 and 2” on the subject line and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $15. As soon as I get payment, I will email you both volumes.

Volume 1: Learn how my main programs work and learn my amazing Discovery 159 System on chapter 19. Also, learn the basics of my B.A.M. Straight Number System.

Volume 2: Learn the details of the B.A.M. Straight Number System and how to use it in your state. Also, if you email me the code you see on chapter 36, I will give you 30 days of FREE ACCESS to all my programs!!

If you are interested, email me Right Now at with “$15 VOL 1 and 2” on the subject line and I will send you the $15 Paypal invoice right away. IF YOU WANT TO USE MY PROGRAMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…….go to chapter 36 of Volume 2 (Free Access Code), get the code, and email it to me on the subject line of your email. I will email you a username and password you can use to log into right away!

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