My Books Are Now $2.99 !!

I have more good news! If you have not bought one or more of my Kindle books because of the $9.99 price, I have good news for you: I just priced them at $2.99. This will make them affordable to everybody! However, I suggest you act NOW and buy them at this low price as soon as you can because I may bring them back up to $9.99 again. For example, I am pretty sure I will bring the two Follower books (see list below) back up to $9.99 again…soon. (By the way, I just made the change and most of the books are still showing $9.99. Give it 24 hours for the system to update the price to $2.99. So plan on buying these books late tonight or tomorrow!). 

SUPER BONUS: Some of these books come with FREE Access or 15 or 30 Day Access! I will usually mention this on the first few pages of the book. All you have to do is email me the verification code at the end of the book. Keep in mind that you can only use the Free, 15, or 30 day code ONCE.

Volume 2 is now $2.99.

ALL the Cheat Sheets are now $2.99.

The Followers-1
(limited time only…so buy it at this low price now!)

The Follower-3: Delta-5 and the Shortlist
(limited time only…so buy it at this low price now!)

ALL the Straight books are now $2.99

The List is now $2.99.

Keep in mind that you get all these books for FREE when you are VIP Member


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