The 20 Master Numbers in the Pick 3 Game

I hope you are on the 7 Day Club.

Or that you are a VIP or Gold member.

I say that because in Book-62 (out tomorrow morning) I will reveal what is probably the BIGGEST discovery I have ever made in the Pick 3 game. In Book-62 I will reveal the 20 Master Numbers in the Pick 3 game. These are the top 20 box numbers in your state right now that have the best chance of hitting in the next 1 to 14 drawings. You can turn these 20 numbers into straight numbers (I will explain all this in Book-62).

Now let me take this further. I am going to make this prediction: I will be getting a STRAIGHT hit in the New York Pick 3 game in the next 1 to 6 days using the current list of 20 Master Numbers for New York (between now and Friday November 25). I will post the picture of my straight HERE.  It will go right above my 606 hit.I will send out an email when I get this hit. I will also put up a post about it here. You can learn about how to join at the 7 Day Club, VIP, or Gold levels HERE. I will be sending out Book-62 tomorrow morning….watch for it!



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