Targets and my NEW 4 Draw System

I promised a straight hit recently. I will have to put this on hold for a while because I just became aware of the single biggest limitation of my systems. Not only will I put this straight hit on hold, but I will also stop playing the straight numbers I have been playing in New York – again, for the same exact limitation (or weakness) inherent in my systems.

What is this limitation?

My systems lack a Target.

What is a Target?

A Target is related to time.

A Target is a limited time period with a START and END point when a specific set of numbers will hit. If your numbers hit within (or inside) this limited time window (Target), great. If not, you move on to another set of numbers because those numbers are dead.

The problem with my straight numbers is that they lack a specific Target; so there is no telling WHEN they will hit…so you are “stuck” playing them until they hit – actually, you HOPE they hit, because they may not hit. Same thing with the most due pairs; there is no telling when they will hit because due pairs do not come with a short Target (a limited time window when they will hit). You can end up playing them for WEEKS before you see a hit.

What happens when the numbers you play lack a specific Target is that HOPE becomes your primary strategy. But HOPE is a terrible (and expensive) Pick 3 strategy. Hoping for two or more weeks will burn a big hole in your pocket. Hoping for a hit will make you lose money fast (I am talking from experience here).

I tried solving this problem with my coding system.

– but the problem with my coding system is that the codes work in a 7 day (14 draw) window; which is way too long. I need a shorter Target. 

Therefore, I will start working on a brand new coding system that will tell you what numbers have a very good chance of hitting in the next 4 (FOUR) drawings! A 4 draw playing window may be the perfect Target (I know what you are thinking: a ONE draw Target does not work….believe me, I tried it).

This means that you will get your numbers and know that at least one of the numbers you get from this system should hit in the next 1, 2, 3, or 4 drawings (not every time – but most of the time). If you get a hit, great. If not, you move on and get another set of numbers good for the next 4 drawings.

Compare this to the situation I am now in New York where I am WAITING and hoping that the most due pair hits. There is no telling when this will happen – meanwhile, I can burn a big hole in my pocket as I spend more money on the numbers every day.


GOOD NEWS! I have already started working on a brand new coding system that will give you a set of hot numbers to play for the next 4 drawings. For now, I will be sharing details about this coding system only with Gold members. So if you are a Gold member, you will be getting a report TODAY (Wednesday November 23) explaining how this (Very Exciting!) coding system works.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: In all likelihood I will end up describing this system in a Kindle book, which should be up on Amazon in about a month from now.

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