978 Just Hit New York

This box is unbelievable.

Other numbers on the box this week: 975, 519, and 958.

UPDATE: I will code the NY Pick 3 game using this box as the reference point. I will code 20 to 40 weeks. I am doing this because I want to know which codes (or positions) on the box hit the most. If you understand how my coding system works, you can do the same for your state. However, I will explain my entire coding process in a set of reports. This will be my next product. It will include an Excel sheet you can use for the coding process as well. And most importantly, I will list the hottest codes for NY and a clear explanation of HOW I came up with these hot codes. This coding system will be good for ALL states. This product will be ready in a few weeks.

See the original post HERE.

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