The 4 Corners of the 3×3 Box

The box has 4 corners; A, B, C, and D.

This is corner A:

Each corner will usually give you three or four digits. In this case four: 9758. When wheeled, this gives you four numbers: 578 579 589 789. So we can say that the A corner (or location A) in this box has four numbers: 578, 579, 589, 789.


This is the B corner (I have seen many hits from this corner!):


This is the C corner:


This is the D corner:

The advantage of tracking these corners is that they give you a small playlist; usually 3 or 4 numbers.


Location E is made from the corner digits.

There is a 5th location. This location is especially useful when using B9. This “location” is made up from the 4 corner digits. In the B9 box, these 4 corner digits will always be different:

STRATEGY: Go back 3 Saturdays and get the B9 box for your state on Saturday night. Write out the 5 locations: A, B, C, D, E. See if any number hit from one of these 5 locations. If there was a hit, cross off that location. The last remaining location is the most due. Play the 4 numbers that correspond to that location for the coming week. For example, if the digits in the most due location are 4, 8, 5, and 6, the playlist will be: 456, 458, 468, and 568. You can use the Wheeling program to get the 4 numbers. You will have to play around with the weeks (you may only have to go back one or two weeks). The bottom line is that you want to identify the 4 digits from the most due location then wheel these to get the 4 numbers to play. IMPORTANT: This strategy may work for the PICK 4 game as well (BOTH boxes have the same layout); so feel free to test out this strategy in the Pick 4 game.

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