How to Use Lottodds (PDF Report–SENT!)

I just sent out the most powerful report I have ever written about the Pick 3 game. This is not a short 5 or 10 page document—it is 58 pages long!

In this highly detailed report I explain the basics of using the amazing tools provided by The report has many PICTURES and screenshots so you can clearly SEE and understand all the strategies I am teaching. 

No, I am not an expert at using the tools yet – but I am getting better every day. If you are new to lottodds and find the tools confusing (“what the hell is an SST?”, “what is an OOC?”, “what is a trough?”), reading this report will clear things up for you in a hurry. This report will teach you how ot use the reduction tools so you can start WINNING. 

At the end of the report I explain my theory about finding  the $100,000 formula for the Pick 3 game (incredible!). If you are a paid member (Money Club member), this NEW report should be in your inbox. If you did not get it, email me. 


UDPATE: One of the numbers I posted for Virginia two days ago (028), hit VA STRAIGHT last night. 

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