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Today is Saturday May 10.

As promised, I am offering 2 days of free access to my site this weekend:

Unfortunately, the DTD 56 program I mentioned previously is not up yet. (DTD means “Draw to Draw”)

The person who is going to set it up for me is busy today, so the program will be up sometime this weekend or on Monday.

In the meantime, I wrote up the instructions on exactly how to get the 56 numbers that the DTD 56 program will give you.

These 56 numbers are good for the very next drawing in your state. So you don’t have to wait around for these numbers to hit; they hit right away!

This DTD 56 program only gives you singles. I may put up another version of the program that gives you doubles as well…but that version will give you 64 numbers.

For now, this 56 number version of the program is fine since singles hit 72% of the time in Pick 3.

The instructions on how to get the 56 DTD numbers are on the PDF report below. Simply click on the link to open it. Read it, follow the steps, and you will get the same numbers that the DTD 56 program will give you.


The “DTD Reference Box” program is up on top on the menu under *Best Programs*.

The “Box Positional Control” program is below on the menu under *Research Programs*

Below is the log in information.
You have free access until tomorrow night (Sunday May 11).

Log In page:
Username: test2
password: 12345

If you have any questions, do NOT reply to this email.
Instead, email me directly at

The Pick 3 Coach
May 10, 2014

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