The Positional Tracking System (PTS) program is Up and Running!

The Positional Tracking System (PTS) program is up and running right now at

This program brings a level of understanding and accuracy to the Pick 3 game never seen before. If you are a student of the game, I can guarantee you this: this program is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Now you are able to know, exactly, the exact position of every single number that hits in the game because every number has a group (A, B, C, or D) and a specific number (1 thru 120) assigned to it.

Doubles and triples are classified as D1, for reasons that I explain in the LONG instructions that come with this program.

All numbers are placed on a scale that goes from 1 to 120. In addition, there are 4 groups (A, B, C, and D) of 30 numbers each. Examples of possible codes for specific numbers are D5, C33, B65, B84, A94 and A110. (Do you know of any other system with this level of precision??)

Every number that hits in your state is somewhere along this Positional Tracking System scale that runs from 1 to 120. This system is state specific by the way; so the results it gives you are good for your state only.

Knowing “where” each number comes from in the scale gives you an almost unfair advantage. Now you have valuable clues that tell you exactly where the next number will come from (I will be saying a lot about this in future chapters of my brand new PTS Report, only available to paid coaching members.)

This is the BEST system I have ever come up with – and that is saying a lot.

This program will change everything.

If you are interested in testing out this program for yourself, you can join my coaching program at the bottom of this page: 

Its $60 a month and you can cancel at any time.

Email me if you have any questions at

The Pick 3 Coach

April 17, 2014


UPDATE for April 22

The link below will give you access to a PDF report with only partial results of the Positional Tracking System program for New Hampshire for April 22. I have not included key details because I am not about to give away the secrets of this program for free. However, I give away enough on this report for you to see that this is a very sophisticated program that really does track and code every number in the game. Doubles and triples automatically get code D1 in this system.

New Hampshire-April-22



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