The Positional Tracking System: Now a Reality

I talked about the possibility of creating a tracking system at the bottom of my home page. This would be a system that would allow me to track or code ALL the numbers in the game. When I wrote this, it was just a fantasy. See the bottom of the page:

Well, that fantasy has now become a reality.

I am now able to code every single number that hits in the Pick 3 game. For example, recent codes for New York numbers are: B70, A93, D7, A114, D24, C73, etc. This ability, of course, makes it easier to pin down exactly what number or numbers will hit next.

Actually, I just wrapped up the $600 Report and will start a new report just on this system. This new report can appropriately be called, “The $600 Report – Volume 2” because this report will be focused exclusively on the Positional Tracking System. In addition, there will be a new program based on this system. The brand new Positional Tracking System program will be up at later today or sometime tomorrow.

But this system does much more than just tell you the code for every number in the game. If you are on my paid coaching program you know that this system allows you to pin down a special set of 30 numbers that will hit next. And this “theory” has been working like clockwork in New York and other states lately; it has accurately predicted this set of 30 numbers right before they hit.

If you are my paid coaching program, look out for this new program on tonight or sometime tomorrow.


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