How to Get 4 Months of Gold Membership + The Followers

Gold membership is $60 for 3 months access. 

I ran a Special during the last week of December.

That Special gave you 4 months of Gold membership
for $60 (Gold membership gives you access to ALL my Pick 3 and Win 4 programs). NOTE: This includes access to the Lucky 7 Pick 3 program and the Pick 3 and Win 4 Coding Programs.

I got a few emails in the last few days requesting this Special…so I will run it again – but only until the end of this week. This Special expires at midnight at the end of
this week on Saturday night, Jan 26.

So if you would like access to all my programs for the next 4 months (or if you want 4 months added to your account if you currently have access) email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-GOLD 4 MONTHS and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will give you 4 month access after I get payment.

SUPER SPECIAL: To make this even better….I will also throw in my list of Followers for ALL the numbers in
the Pick 3 game. 

You can learn all about this Follower System HERE. 

To get BOTH the 4 months of Gold membership PLUS the list of Followers for $60, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-GOLD 4 MONTHS-FOLLOWERS. After I get your payment of $60, I will email you a username and password to log into the programs along with the list of Followers. You can email me at

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