The Followers: NEW Report Added

I sent out information about my list of Followers yesterday. I explain the Followers HERE. 

I just added a NEW report: The 4-Way List.

You will get this new report with the purchase of the Followers (if you already purchased it, this new report should be in your inbox).

This 4-Way Report explains how to reduce the list of followers down to 20, 15, or even 10 numbers (in certain cases). Best of all, there is nothing to figure out; you just need to know the last number that hit your state and look for it on the list that I will send you.

BONUS: The purchase of this system includes 60 days of Gold membership, which will give you access to all my
Pick 3 and Win 4 programs for two months.

You will also get these two reports:

==The 8 Strategies
==The 4-Way Report (NEW)

You get all this for just $40.

Go here for details:

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