Win 4 Sheets for TX, NC, MO Coming Soon!

I have some EXCITING news!

I will be putting out Win 4 Excel sheets for the Win 4 game (just like the one I sent out for New York) for TEXAS, NORTH CAROLINA, and MISSOURI. These will be up on Amazon in 1 to 3 weeks.

They will work the same way the NY Win 4 sheet works: you put in the 40 number distribution on Saturday night and the sheet will instantly tell you what are the hottest numbers to play in the next 7 days.

Something interesting about the NORTH CAROLINA sheet: you only have to play 5 WIN 4 numbers (3 singles, 2 doubles) to get about 2 HITS PER MONTH. Also; if you only play the top 3 codes (the top 3 of the 5 hottest codes in group A), you will average about 1 HIT PER MONTH.

That is the time frame you should focus on in the Win 4 game: MONTHLY hits (not weekly). 

You will be hitting LESS frequently when you play Win 4 – but you will be winning alot more money than playing Pick 3 (which I am NO longer playing: I am focused 100% in the Win 4 game).

And the way I am playing my 6 numbers (you can play less numbers with Win 4), when I hit, I will win $750 or $2250. See the PDF report on this POST.

If you did not get the New York Win 4 System, email me with SEND NY WIN 4 SYSTEM on the subject line of your email. Email me for details on how to get the TX and NC sheet now (before it goes up on Amazon). You can email me at

You can request a sheet for the Win 4 game for your state as well. The cost is $60. If interested, email me with $60-X-Win 4 with X being the state you want (so it will be $60-GEORGIA-Win 4 if you want Georgia). 

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