The Follower Baseline

I am going to work on the followers list to make it better. And part of making it better is establishing a baseline in each state.

The idea is this; once my next (updated) set of followers is ready, I will pick a state and go back 100 drawings. I will be looking for a hit in the next 4 drawings (or 5, not sure yet). This will give me an EXACT number that tells exactly how effective this list of followers is in that state.

For example, if there were 20 hits in the last 100 consecutive drawings, that means that the list is 20% successful in that state.

If there were 30 hits, it means that the list is 30% successful in that state. And if there were 40 hits, it means that the list is 40% successful in that state.

So if the baseline is low (say 15 or 20 hits in the last 100 drawings), I would NOT recommend that the list be used in that state. This means that the list will have to be modified for that state.

However, I would recommend the list for a state if there were 40, 50, 60, or more hits during the 100 drawings.

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