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New Hampshire Hit on Sunday Nov 23

New Hampshire Hit on Sunday Nov 23 Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 996 720 770 176 496 907 483 320 947 156 Digit Distribution Box 7 9 0 6 4 1 2 3 5 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 7-4-5 Coldest/Missing: 8 Visual Digit Distribution: 7 9 0 6 4 1 2 3 […]

New VISUAL Strategy

Visual Strategy (NEW!!) This weekend, for the first time ever, I taught somebody via a phone coaching session my brand new VISUAL system that allows you to narrow down the list of 85 Basic numbers down to 45, 30, and sometimes even 15 numbers. This system is excellent for those people who are not too comfortable […]

179 is on the LEFT

971 (179) just hit New York (Saturday midday November 22).  Notice that it is on the left on the list below.  Good for Saturday November 22 Basic Box 10 Numbers used: 549 559 837 506 332 059 554 397 840 124 Hottest Digits for the Next Two Drawings: 5-0-1 Coldest/Missing: 6 Playlist 5-0-1 012 013 […]

Just Follow the Rules

It looks like the Basic Box program works very well in Michigan as well. So that makes 4 states where the program works well in: New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan. If you have noticed that the Basic Box program works well in your state as well (and its not one of these states) […]

Friday November 21, 2014

NEW Strategy: Friday November 21 ========================================== Insofar as which states change machines or not….. Do NOT concern yourself with whether or not a particular state changes machines or not. Just do this; back test the Basic Box program in that state for the last 30 to 60 days to see how well the program does in […]

OH, GA, VT Show Bad Results

OH, GA, VT Show Bad Results OH-GA-VT-NOT-GOOD

$2,215 Profit in NY, NJ, and FL

Click on link below to open up my latest Basic Box report! $2215-PROFIT Good States: NY, NJ, NC, NH, FL, MD, MI

Click on The Title to Open up The $6600 Report

If you are on my coaching program…… 1. Log in. 2. Go to the Reports section. 3. CLICK on the title: “The $6600 Pick 3 System: Volume 1” 4. When you click on the title, it will open up the PDF report. 5. After you read it, email me to set up your 45 minute phone […]

The Phone Coaching Process

For the phone coaching session, I suggest this process. (I describe this new service on this page.) I think you mean the phone coaching session. 1-Read the $6,600 report first. 2-Write down your questions. 3-Then we can schedule a time when we can talk on the phone.   Weekends are good if you have the time. […]

The $6,600 Pick 3 System: Volume 1

See the description of the $6,600 Report on the PDF report  below.  $6600-System-Description