Only Use the First 3 Digits

The Digit Playlist 100 program is up and running at If you are on my coaching program you can log in and check it out.

I made a great discovery today. I found out that you only need the first 3 digits from the Digits Analysis chart, not all 5 digits. This reduces the list substantially. The first 3 digits last night were 213. Those are the hottest 3 digits in New York in the last 30 drawings. I entered these on the brand spanking new Digit Playlist 100 program and the program gave me 79 numbers (much better than 100 numbers!).

Guess what hit today in New York for midday (Sunday August 25)?


Yeap, I hit it!

Lesson: Just use the best 3 digits from the Digits Analysis chart at

Another thing to keep in mind when using the C100 system; STOP playing and switch to another state after 6 back to back hits. After 6 hits the game will switch and you will start to see doubles or non-C100 numbers hitting.

This brings up an interesting question; what’s better; Code-3 or the Digits Analysis?

Well, if you are not a member of my program, use the Digits Analysis information of course. If you are on my coaching program, use whichever you like best; but I am leaning more towards Code-3 because it has a track record of hitting. Also, if you give yourself 2 drawings, one of the Code-3 digits will hit almost 90% of the time.  Something to look out for will be those cases when there is a match between a Code and an Digit Analysis digit: it makes it more likely that digit will hit.

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