Straight-2 and Delta-5 Print Edition

I have more good news!

I have the states for the Straight-2 book now. I will be making straight number predictions for these 10 states for August. Here are those 10 states:

1-Arizona – AZ
2-California – CA
3-Georgia – GA
4-Illinois – IL
5-Michigan – MI
6-Nebraska – NE
7-New Jersey – NJ
8-Ohio – OH
9-Oklahoma – OK
10-Virginia – VA

Secondly, the Print Edition of the Delta-5 book is ready!

The Amazon Delta-5 book is being delayed a bit because of the straight numbers I am putting out now, but you can get a 6 page document that lists all the Delta-5 digits for all 220 box numbers in the game (the first three digits make up the Delta-3 number).

The cost for this list is $29 …and that includes 60 day access to!

Go here for more details (pay particular attention to Examples 5 and 6):

VIP Members: Email me with “VIP-Send Delta-5” on the subject line and I will email you the Delta-5 document right away.

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