STRAIGHT Numbers Coming Up!

Today is Monday July 27, 2015 and this morning a brilliant idea hit me as I looked at my calendar: What if I put the straight numbers for several states in a Kindle book….good for next month (August)? I would have to put the book up on Amazon by or before August 1 (or 2) and the numbers will be good until August 31. This will be an excellent and “official” way of testing out my straight number system. The more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed. (Although, I would have to move FAST to get this done!). After thinking about it for a few minutes….. I decided to do it!

These straight numbers will be good for August 2015 obviously. However, they will still be useful after August 2015. After August, these numbers will provide excellent research material on the B.A.M. straight number system I discussed on Volume 2, which you can find here:

So here are the specifics: this Kindle book (appropriately titled Straight-1) has the STRAIGHT numbers for August 2015 for Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New York. In this Kindle book I will give you a very SHORT list of Straight Numbers to Play! Here is the actual amount of numbers per state:

3 Straight Numbers for Texas
5 Straight Numbers for Florida
1 Straight Number for North Carolina
2 Straight Numbers for South Carolina
9 Straight Numbers for New York

I still have a few days I will see if I can add another book…so EMAIL me if you want me to include your state in the Straight-2 book! Write your state on the Subject Line of your email. My email is And dont worry about the price; it will be at a very affordable $9.99. And I will make the PDF version of this book available as well if you don’t have Kindle or if paying Amazon is an issue for you. So let me get back to work….I have to work on these states tonight!

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