How to Identify the Hottest DOUBLES to Play in the Win 4 Game (Texas-Part 2)

I just put out a Kindle explaining a system for the WIN 4 game in Texas. After writing it I realized something; since my coding system allows me to see the codes of ALL the hottest WIN 4 numbers that will hit in the next 7 days, why not just play the hottest DOUBLES (and a few hot triples and double-doubles)? By the way, a $1 box hit on a double pays $750 at

That is what I recently decided to do; so I will no longer be playing singles; I will only be playing mostly DOUBLES in the Win 4 game. So if you look at the numbers I posted for TEXAS and NEW YORK, all the numbers are mostly doubles, with a few triples and double-doubles. 

In the next Kindle for Texas, I will explain how to identify these hot doubles. This Kindle assumes you know how my coding system works, or at least the basics. This Kindle will be ready in a week or two. I will be using Texas numbers in my explanation in this Kindle, but the strategy applies to all states. Go HERE to learn more about my coding system. 


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