Update for Sunday June 15

Today is Sunday June 15.

Three announcements.

If you play New York numbers or if you have a 5dimes account, pay attention to these numbers in the next few days, with a special emphasis on 358, 359, 368, 369.

All 8 numbers are good until TWO of them hit:
348 349 357 358 359 368 369 389

Secondly, you still have free access to pick3programs.com.

Again, the log information is:

Sign in page: http://pick3programs.com/info.php?R=P3P&P=Signin
User ID: Test2
Password: 12345

Third, if you followed my work with the us-lotteries.com tracking system and you managed to save the A and B lists for your state (the 60 hottest numbers in your state) that would make the PERFECT list of control numbers for your state.

(If you did not save it, then just do a little back testing in your state and write down those numbers that you keep seeing over and over again. Keep writing down numbers until you have 60 of them.)

Take that list and paste it onto the “Reference Box 4” program to create a fixed, permanent reference box for your state. This reference box will be an excellent tool for you to track the game in your state.

That’s the secret by the way; having just ONE fixed reference box that you keep referring to over and over again; as opposed to having to create one every night!

The Pick 3 Coach

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