The 36 Doubles That Matter the Most

I just put up two “Super List 136” programs based on an experimental list. After the program was up, I figured out a way to shrink it down to just 100 numbers. This means that I will soon replace these 136 numbers with just 100 numbers.  My future “Super List 100” programs will replace this list of 136 numbers. These 100 numbers will also replace the old C100 list (only had singles).  Anyway, the 36 doubles that are part of this list now will NOT change.


Actually, they will become my permanent list of doubles. They will replace the 40 doubles I have listed under the Super List 120 program. So I will only have one standard list of 36 doubles.


You can log in right now to and check out the list of 36 doubles at the bottom of either of the two Super List 136 programs.


When you combine the 60 control list singles with this list of doubles, you have a very powerful list of numbers indeed.


If you are not a member of my paid program, my $60 special is still active if you are interested.


PREVIEW of What’s To Come: I will add 4 more singles to the current list of 60 control numbers, bringing the total to 64 control numbers. I will add the 36 doubles to this list, bringing the total to exactly 100 master numbers. This list will become the basis of my practical Pick 3 money making system. And don’t let 100 numbers scare you; you can play 100 numbers online for just $25 (0.25 cents, $37.50 payout).

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