What is the Best MEGA BALL number to play?

I just had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH which I explain in document 12, which you can find on the bottom of this page:

Basically, I have identified the single hottest Mega Ball number. There is nothing to fugure out. You do NOT have to use any program or do any workout; in report 12 I just give you the hottest Mega Ball number to play.

I also provide 3 other back up Mega Ball numbers.

I also give you a “remove the last 3” strategy that you can use to increase your probability of hitting the Mega Ball number.

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Two of My Mega Numbers Hit! 25-27

Mega number 5-11-25-27-64 hit on Friday.

This number has two numbers from my list:
25 and 27.

My list is good until December 31:
18, 25, 27, 29, 35, 39, 43, 46, 55, 57, 59, 68

The five hottest numbers are:  



MEGA: 18-25-29-43-68 (Any Mega Ball, Megaplier: 3)

I am predicting that these 12 numbers will hit the Mega game over and over again during the 26 Mega games over this 3 month period: October, November, and December 2020:

18, 25, 27, 29, 35, 39, 43, 46, 55, 57, 59, 68

The single hottest number on this list is 29.

29 should hit 3 to 5 times before December 31, 2020.

The FIVE hottest numbers here are 18-25-29-43-68.

Not likely for these five numbers to hit together
…but you never know: 18-25-29-43-68

For the Mega Ball number, play any number you like.

For the Megaplier, play number 3.


I just put up a 50 PAGE document explaining my latest
breakthoughs in the MEGA MILLIONS game.

Guess what?

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MEGA Question and Answer

Awesome thank you I’m doing it now. I’m new dealing with you all and your program is very accurate . I’m just so use to pen and paper the computer part gets me lol . This mega million helps me so much . Because I see the Algorithms of the numbers almost memorized , but I drop the ball on one or two , I need a system to boost me a little and prevent me from doing that as likely. A year ago I had no clue , like everyone or most people I believed it was pure luck . And it is if you believe that . But it isn’t these numbers going by date go from one number to another number every year for the last 22 years. An example is the numbers rely on the second number just 1-9 those second numbers haves guaranteed sequence that the computer system they have is always doing . Like a very easy common is  61-65-69 very typical , every number connects. But like the 60 sometimes they connect three different ways that part confuses me . And the combination part . Trying to figure the combination , is there a trick or a guide to determining combination . Basically on the pairs how do I know which pair it is ? If it’s a combination change from a straight to a pair . But this mega millions is super helpful , and thank you.

After I am done coding the Mega game for all of 2018, 2019 and 2020, I will put up a program to look for frequent doubles (example: 61-68), triples (example: 1-4-10) and maybe (if there are any)…quads (example: 2-4-10-68). However, I will most likely find triples and quads in the
FORMULAS – not the actual numbers that hit. I should be done coding the Mega game by the end of this month.

I will combine this with my MASTER NUMBER strategy (I can find the hottest position in the 100 number distribution in all the formulas ….this will give me the single hottest number to play once I get the distribution of the last 100 numbers).

This can make the Mega game just a 4 or 3 number game because I am only going for 5 NUMBERS ($1,000,000). I say this because if I have ONE Master number that is sure to hit, I just have to figure out the other 4…BUT if I have a hot DOUBLE (say 61-68), then I have 3 numbers with a high probability of hitting (the MASTER number and the hot double). In this case, I just have to come up with the other TWO numbers to play. 

This will all be more clear by the end of the month once I have collected all the formulas.

If you want to stay up to date with me (and follow along with my progress)…I suggest you get the reports. I will be adding MORE reports as I go along….but you only have to pay $60 (I will email you all the NEW reports I add).

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I will give you the actual MEGA Numbers to Play!

I just updated the Mega page:

Here is the most important update:
If you purchase this product, I will give you 
the actual Mega Million numbers to play for 

This means that you do not have to figure anything out. 
I will just email you the actual numbers to play. 

I am not promising you will become a millionaire…
but you will definately be playing numbers with 
an extremely HIGH probability of hitting. 

Also, since you are reading my clear EXPLANATION
of exactly HOW I came up with the numbers, you 
will know WHY I came up with the specific set
of numbers I sent you. 

At this point, I dont know how many numbers
I will be sending out. Maybe 5, 10, or 15. 
The same set of numbers will be good for 
3 MONTHS, which is about 26 drawings. 

I will send out the actual numbers to play 
AFTER I am done coding the Mega game, 
which is a long and complicated process 
(but it should be completed before 
October 31).

The most important thing for you to know is
that if you purchase the Mega product, 
you will understand exactly what I am doing. 

UPDATE: I suggest you purchase this Kindle
(just $2.99) if you have not done so already
BEFORE you purchase the Mega product
so you understand what I mean by “distribution”
and “coding”: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CN789HK

The other update is this:
I just added 2 more reports (3 and 4):

If you purchased this product, these two NEW 
documents should be on your inbox because I 
just emailed them to you. 

The coding process should be completed before
the end of this month!

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How to Win $1,000,000

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I am thinking of putting out a product on the MEGA MILLIONS game. Basically I will be providing real world examples of how to use the Mega programs (which I have never done before).


This product will be for $60.

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Only Use the Lowest Digit from the Rundown List-Key Program

Here is perhaps the best way to reduce the numbers from the Rundown-List-Key program; just pay attention to the playlist of the lowest digit. For example, below is the output using the last 80 numbers for New York starting from Sept 4, Friday. As you can see, the lowest digit in the key is 4. This means that I only have to pay attention to these numbers:

Key 4:
024 034 045 046 047 049 134 146 148 149
246 248 249 345 346 457 458 459 467 468
469 478 479 489 (24)


The Rundown List-Key
80 Numbers used:
332 371 528 352 537 524 505 145 109 527
234 870 262 834 958 524 527 502 315 888
007 660 014 638 670 591 032 473 010 813
857 154 920 241 654 986 373 347 192 626
840 797 731 996 079 288 361 313 286 501
147 934 529 701 733 883 822 174 087 055
145 757 365 427 791 282 519 259 203 441
072 359 797 226 664 849 316 697 943 093

The Rundown List–Keys 4-5-9
024 034 035 039 045 046 047 049 056 057
058 059 069 089 125 134 139 146 148 149
156 157 158 169 189 239 246 248 249 256
269 279 289 345 346 358 359 369 379 389
457 458 459 467 468 469 478 479 489 567
568 569 579 679 789 (55)

Key 4:
024 034 045 046 047 049 134 146 148 149
246 248 249 345 346 457 458 459 467 468
469 478 479 489 (24)

Key 5:
035 045 056 057 058 059 125 156 157 158
256 345 358 359 457 458 459 567 568 569
579 (21)

Key 9:
039 049 059 069 089 139 149 169 189 239
249 269 279 289 359 369 379 389 459 469
479 489 569 579 679 789 (26)

Happiness and MONEY

Many people are unemployed right now.

There is a lot of civil unrest.

There are mass demonstrations going on in
some states.

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I bring this up because I just wrote a Kindle that has a lot to do with being HAPPY; which is what many people need right now because so many people are depressed.

NOTE: I went into a slight depression at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – but I quickly turned things around (and got back to my old happy self again) using the techniques explained in the Kindle I just wrote.

This obviously has nothing to do with the lottery. However, in the Kindle I wrote there is big section dealing with keeping a daily journal, and part of this journaling system is a super practical and easy to use MONEY MAKING SYSTEM, which I am using myself right now (my income has been steadily
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I explain this system in pages 202 to 210 in the
PDF edition of the Kindle (this PDF is big: 285

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