Book-2 is up on Amazon!

Book-2 is up on Amazon!

Make sure you read Book-1 first:

5271 STRAIGHT in North Carolina

I posted 15 box numbers for the Win 4 game on this POST on Tuesday October 9. I used numbers starting from Saturday October 7 (two days before). These numbers are good for 2 WEEKS. This means that the 15 numbers are good from Sunday October 8 to Saturday October 21. Click on the link below to open a preliminary  Hit Report. I will be sending out a final report after the 21st.

WIN 4 Hit Report for October 21

Notice that Michigan got 3 hits so far (page 3).
Connecticut got a hit.
And so did Georgia and Maryland.
Other states got hits as well.

This system is based on a six digit code. I will explain how I come up with the six digits in a new Kindle soon. The six digits for North Carolina are 527109 (see page 5).

5271 hit North Carolina straight the next day on Sunday October 8. These are the first four digits in the six digit code for NC. This is a new system and I am not sure how frequently this will happen, but I will definitely be paying attention to it.

I will be sending out the first report with Win 4 predictions starting this coming SUNDAY morning (October 22). The numbers will be good for two weeks: Sunday October 22 to Saturday November 4.

The first one or two reports will be FREE. After that they will only be going out to Gold members. I explain my membership levels HERE.  Email me if you are interested in becoming a Gold member. I can be reached at


Book-2 is Here (Advanced Strategies)

In this second book in the series I build upon the foundation I laid in
Book 1:

I strongly suggest you read Book-1 first before reading Book-2.

Aanewyork_8super (2)

This Kindle has my most ADVANCED Pick 3 strategies up to date.
In this Book I discuss these topics:

*The Improvement to Group D.
*How to Find the Most Due Group.
*The Gap: Use it to Predict What Digits Will Hit Next!
*The Group Sequence.
*Groups 1 and 2.
*How to Reduce the 8 Super Numbers Down to Just 4 Numbers.
*The Trigger That Will Tell You when 3, 4, or 5 of the Super Numbers  Will Hit in the coming month.
*The 6 Groups.
*The Master Number.
*The First, Second, and Third Numbers.
*The X Numbers.
*Split Numbers.
*Left Side Numbers.
*Right Side Numbers.
*The 25 Basic Numbers.
*The Magic Square Numbers (Full List).
*Pick 3 Wisdom.
*BONUS: Several NEW Strategies that I have NEVER Discussed Before!

Read this Kindle to take your game to the Next Level!


You can wait for this Kindle to be up on Amazon (in 1 to 3 days) or you can get the PDF edition TODAY for just $15. This includes 15 day access to my programs. To get it, email me with $15-Book-2 on the subject line of your email at

I can give you the PDF edition of BOTH books (Book-1 and Book-2) for $20 (it includes 20 day access to my programs). Just email me with $20-Both Books on the subject line of your email. I will email you the PDFs right after I get payment. 

PREVIEW of Book-3

In the next book (Book-3) I will be explaining my most advanced strategy yet: How to use the magic square to get DAILY hits in the Pick 3 game!


Ontario is the BEST

I just sent Gold members a report titled “Ontario is the BEST” where I explained that my 20 straight number system works the best (and faster) in Ontario…better than any other state I have seen (even better than New York).

This means that the 20 straight numbers that my system gives you should hit in a week or two..three weeks max. So if you have a 5dimes account, I would recommend only playing the 20 straight numbers in ONTARIO, Canada. (I just wrote a brand new Gold report explaining how to test to see “how good” a particular state will get this NEW report right after you become a Gold member.)

And if you do play Ontario numbers, I recommend you join at the Gold level for a month ($60). Once you are a member, I will send you all the reports that will teach you my straight number system so you can do the workout yourself to get the 20 numbers. NOTE: My programs are NOT required. The 20 straight number system is a Pen and Paper system.

To become a Gold member, email me at with $60-GOLD on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice right away. 

OR…you can order the 20 hot straight numbers for Ontario right now. The report is ready. If you order it today, you will get it today. Just email me with $20-Ontario on the subject line of your email and I will send you an invoice for $20. I will send you the report with the numbers right after I get payment. This includes 20 day access to my programs as well. The 20 numbers can be played for $5 per drawing at The payout will be $225.


However, you can request a list of 20 straight numbers for ANY state for just $20. Just email me with $20-X on the subject line of your email with X being the state you want. For example, email me with $20-Florida if you want the list for Florida or $20-Ohio if you want the list for Ohio. I will send you a Paypal invoice right away for $20. I will start working on your list right after I get payment. I will email you the list within 48 hours.

INCLUDES 20 DAY ACCESS! I will also give you 20 day access to my programs. If you currently have access, I will add 20 days to your account. You can email me at


870 Straight in North Carolina

You can purchase a list of straight numbers for your state for $20. This includes 20 day access to my programs as well. Click below to open up a report for North Carolina that someone purchased at the start of the month.


870 is on the list.

870 hit straight on Wednesday, October 11 as you can see HERE.

To request a similar list, email me at with $20-X on the subject line of your email. So email me with $20-FLORIDA if you want the list for Florida or $20-OHIO if you want the list for Ohio. I will send you a Paypal invoice right away.  You should get the list within 48 hours after I get your payment. I will also give you 20 day access to my programs (or add 20 days to your account if you are currently a member).


8 Super Numbers PDF + 15 Day Access for $15

My 8 number kindle is up on Amazon. For those of you who for some reason can not get the Kindle, I can email you the PDF version of it and give you 15 day access to my programs for just $15. If interested, email me at with $15-KINDLE-15 DAYS on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $15. I will send you the PDF and give you 15 day access to my programs right after I get payment.





Only Play 4 Numbers!

I have some exciting announcements!

First of all, group A is due in New York. This is based on my magic square strategy that I explain in my 8 number kindle.

And guess what?

There are only FOUR (4) numbers in group A (all the groups have 4 numbers; even group D; I will be explaining this update in the next book in the series). 

If you read the Kindle, do this: start from Sept 15 or earlier and write down the GROUP (A, B, C, D) that hit and the date. If the last groups that hit are: AAA, then B is due (A and B are the groups that hit most frequently).

If the sequence is DBBB, then A is the most due group, and so forth. (BBB is the sequence for NY which means that group A is due).  Knowing what group is most due will give you just FOUR box numbers to play! These 4 numbers are listed in the kindle.

Secondly, I will be putting up a NEW Digit Playlist program based on the 56 numbers from this system (when you wheel 8 digits you get 56 singles). I am also applying the same methodology to Win 4. It turns out that there are only 70 singles in the Win 4 game when this system is used! And there are only 168 doubles (total). What you will be able to do is enter the most due digit into this new Win 4 program and it will give you about 21 doubles to play for that digit. These can be played for about $10 per day at 5dimes..and the payout is $187. I will be explaining all this in more detail in future kindles and report.

The bottom line is that using the basic idea I explain in the 8 numbers kindle will help me simplify both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games – and make it easier to WIN!

I am already working on a followup Kindle that will explain more advanced strategies based on the same magic square. It should be ready in a week or two!