Basic, VIP, Gold (Special Report for Texas)

I have renamed the “7 Day Club” to Basic membership.
I have changed the text on these two pages to reflect this change:

Basic membership is still the same: 30 day access to my programs for
just $20. This also includes getting my most recent Books during
your membership. If you are currently a Basic, VIP, or Gold member, I have something special for you tomorrow. The Texas Win 4 program will be up soon on the VIP section (it should be up within 48 hours) and I wrote Special Report to help players get the most out of this program. This report is titled:

How to Make $645 Every Week Playing Win 4 in Texas

The basic idea behind this strategy is good for ALL states…but this report is focused specifically on the Texas Win 4 game. If you play Texas numbers, this report is a MUST read. This report will be sent along with Book-75 later on today, Sunday February 19. Book-75 will have some exciting NEW developments and improvements I have come up with in just the last 24 hours! Make sure you read it. Email me if you are interested in joining at any of these 3 levels (Basic, VIP, or Gold), or you can go to these two pages for details on how to join:

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