How To Find the Hottest Triples in the Pick 4 Game

The BEST numbers to play in the Win 4 game are triples. But how do you identify the hottest triples to play in your states Win 4 (Pick 4) game? I just sent out an email explaining how to to find these hot triples. If you did not get the email, email me with WIN 4–How To Find […]

FLORIDA Triples and Digits

I will send out a report (or put up a Kindle) with my explanation for this soon. For now…..these are the hottest triples and digits in the Florida Win 4 game.  The Hottest Triples in Florida 4440 4441 4442 4443 4444 4445 4446 4447 4448 4449 8880 8881 8882 8883 8884 8885 8886 8887 8888 8889 The Seven […]

The Ultimate Win 4 Strategy (New Report!)

This is the BEST of the BEST. Click on the link below to open my latest PDF. The BEST Win 4 Strategy-666-111-222  


If you play the North Carolina Win 4 game, you should purchase my brand new Kindle: 18 Straight Numbers for NORTH CAROLINA (Win 4)

The Win 4 MASTER List of 42 Numbers (30 Doubles, 12 Triples)–SENT

I just found a way of  identifying the 42 absolute BEST numbers to play in the Win 4 game in ANY state. This Master List is made up of 30 doubles and 12 TRIPLES (30 + 12 = 42 total). I just sent out an email explaining the  basics of this system. Did you get […]

I just made an INCREDIBLE Discovery

I just found out that the ABCDE coding system can be used to identify the doubles that are most likely to hit in any state in the Win 4/Pick 4 game. For example, the hottest doubles in NEW YORK are 22xx and 33xx. This means that these two doubles hit NY constantly. Below is the full list of doubles for 22 […]

1757 STRAIGHT in New York

I posted 48 Straight numbers for New York on May 31 (24 days ago) HERE.  One of those numbers hit yesterday: 1757 Straight. That is formula ADCD.