3514 Just Hit New York

One of the numbers for New York on my Win 4 list was 3154 (sent out on Sunday to my New York list). It did not hit…but 3514 just hit. So I got a box hit ($93). Below is the proof. 


Notice that it says that I played 17 numbers. That is about how many Win 4 numbers you will be playing with my system (15 to 20 numbers). The numbers are to be played BOX and STRAIGHT. You should see 3 to 4 box hits per month (4 weeks) and 1 or 2 STRAIGHT hits during the same 4 week period. NOTE: NY has gottten 2 STRAIGHT hits in the last 3 weeks so far. 

UPDATE #1: The NORTH CAROLINA Win 4 numbers will be ready soon. I will send these  out to everybody once they are ready. 

UPDATE #2: I will have two types of memberships from now on. One will be The Pick 3 Club. This will give you Pick 3 numbers only. Membership is good for 8 weeks. To join is $60 (same as the Money Club…just a different name). This includes access to my programs for 8 weeks. 

UPDATE #3: The other type of membership will be The Win 4 Club. This will give you Win 4/Pick 4 numbers only. Membership is good for 4 weeks. To join is $60.  You should see 3 or 4 box hits during the 4 weeks and 1 or 2 straight hits. This includes access to my programs for 4 weeks. Right now I have two states: NY and NC. More states will be added in the coming weeks. 

UPDATE #4: If you pre-pay for The Win 4 Club ($60), I will make sure that the Win 4 numbers for your state are ready in a week or two. If you want me to “rush out” the Pick 4 numbers for your state, email me with $60-WIN 4-X, with X being the state you want (so if you want the Win 4 numbers for Texas, email me with $60-WIN 4-Texas on the subject line of your email). I will send you an invoice for $60. Once I get payment, I will start coding your state right away. The numbers should be ready in a week or two. 




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