DELAY in TAKE 5 Report ($54,000 SYSTEM)

My Win 4 system for New York predicted the number 3572 STRAIGHT on Monday (Nov 2). It also predicted the number 8196 STRAIGHT. This number hit NY two weeks ago on October 25.

That is TWO straight hits in 3 weeks.

This only required playing 16 numbers.

Not 30 or 40 or 50 numbers – just 16 numbers.

I would not be surprised if I get 3 or 4 straight hits before the end of the year. If played $1 straight at 5dimes, the payout would have been $9,000. 

If the numbers were played $6 straight, the payout would be $54,000…which is about the payout from the Take 5 game (assuming no one else wins).

Looking at the Take 5 game, I only see ONE quad (the same 4 numbers repeating in the formula) in about 3 years (from January 2017 to now).

This quad hit 4 times during this time. This will require playing 35 numbers to cover every possibility EVERY DAY. These numbers will have to be played every day for SEVERAL MONTHS before one sees any hits (assuming the quad repeats). This will get very expensive very quickly.

Meanwhile….I got TWO straight hits in the Win 4 game in just 3 WEEKS. If I would have had $5 or $6 on the numbers, I would have won about the same amount of money (or more) that I would have if I was playing Take 5.

So here is what I will do. I will start putting out Win 4/Pick 4 numbers for other states to see if I get the same results. 

I will start out with NORTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA, and NEW JERSEY. Then I will add TEXAS and some other states.

If the Win 4 numbers hit straight in these states as well (while only playing 15 to 20 numbers), there will be no need to bother with the Take 5 game because winning $5,000, $10,000, and even $20,000 will just be a matter of putting more money on the numbers. In other words, instead of playing the numbers $1 straight, they would be played for $3, $4, or $5 straight. This money can be won playing at the store near you – 5dimes is NOT required.

I will start sending out the Win 4 numbers for other states (starting with NORTH CAROLINAstarting next week.

Therefore, I will put the Take 5 report on hold for now.

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