Illinois is up on Amazon! (100 Codes, Secrets-4)

Illinois is up on Amazon!

Florida is up on Amazon!


Coding will be the #1 skill in my approach to the Pick 3 game from this point forward. My best strategies now are based on you collecting codes for your state (based on the Revelation Box for the week) and then finding out what are the hottest codes. These hot codes will literally tell you what numbers are most likely to hit your state THIS week. All the Kindle books below have the Summary Reports for all the states I currently track from September 2015 to April 2016. Each book has at least 27 Reports; some have more. And most importantly, all the Reports list the codes for the week. These are the codes you would collect and enter into the Straight Group Matching program to find the hottest codes. You need to enter at least 100 codes into Straight Group Matching program to accurately determine what are the hottest codes in your state. (And you will have to repeat this at the end of every month; re-enter the most recent 100 codes into the program to again determine what are hottest codes in the last set of 100 codes for your state. The hottest codes will be good for the following month). I recommend identifying the top 6 codes in the 100 codes entered into the program – and actually playing the numbers corresponding the best 3  of the 6 codes. So you are not playing 6 numbers per week; you are only playing 3 numbers per week (I will explain how to do this in detail in my next book: Secrets-4). One thing you should know about the Kindle books below is that they all have the same (high quality) content; only the Reports are unique in every book. I highly recommend that you read at least one of these Kindle books and take the coding Test in the book because answering the two questions in the Test will teach you how to code numbers. And don’t cheat; write down your response (do the best you can) before looking at the answers; this is the best way to learn. Email me if you have any questions at




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