Hit Report for Wednesday May 31 (10 Hits in 7 Days)

Just a quick reminder: I am now sending out to Gold members two reports per week: on Wednesday morning and on Sunday morning. These reports are based on my Leader System which gives you 6 numbers good for the next 7 days. I explain the Leader System in pages 32 to 50 in Book-80 (email me with “Send Book-80” on the subject line of your email if you don’t have it and I will email it to you right away).

I have discussed a system where you only play the 6 numbers the report gives you for the next 4 days or 8 drawings – but now I see that these numbers are actually good for the next 7 days. This means that you can be playing two sets of numbers for your state at any point in time.

For example; I just sent Gold members the report for Wednesday June 7, which is good for the next 7 days: Thursday (today) to next Wednesday (June 14). I will be sending to Gold members another report this coming Sunday and those numbers will be good for 7 days: Sunday June 11 to Saturday June 17. This means that there will be two sets of numbers good for Sunday to Wednesday next week. Playing both sets of numbers doubles your chances of hitting.

Check your inbox if you are on my email list because I just sent out the Hit Report for the report for last Wednesday (May 31). This Hit Report shows all the hits in the next 7 days (June 1 to June 7). There were 10 hits. (You can join my Express list to get my emails right away; go HERE for details).

You have to be a Gold member to get this report twice a week. You can learn more about Gold membership on these two pages: HERE and HERE.


Email me with SEND MAY 31 HIT REPORT on the subject line of your email and I will email you this Hit Report right away. My email is aanewyork4000@gmail.com

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