SPECIAL: 60 Day Access for $60 (This Weekend Only)

Things are picking up!

I have posted the straight numbers for several states for this month based on a new straight number system I am working on. The numbers are on this PAGE. I will be very interested to see how many of these numbers hit this month!

Also my new Pick 3 book should be out this or next week. Here is the outline of the book: http://alturl.com/cbd5h

This is a great time to check out my programs….especially the Straight Group Matching System program which is the program that my straight number system is based on.

I will actually be discussing this program along with the Basic Box program in great DETAIL in my upcoming book. I will also go into a long detailed description of Discovery 159, which is the secret technique that the Basic Box program is based on. This technique (which I have never taught on this blog or on my emails) shows you how to identify 3 digits that tend to hit in the next one or two drawings with incredible consistency. Once you know what these 3 digits are, you can automatically and instantly reduce the list of possible numbers that will hit in the next two drawings because you know that they will have one of these 3 digits; so you can eliminate all the other numbers!

I will reveal this secret technique in chapter 19 of my upcoming book.

But I suggest you join my program NOW so you can start testing out the Basic Box program right away so you can see how accurate the 3 digits are.

You can join my regular monthly membership on the bottom of this PAGE.

For those who are interested in only paying month to month, I have a Special Deal for you this weekend: You can get 2 month access for just $60 (normally that would be $120).

SPECIAL: 60 Day Access for $60 (This Weekend Only)

However, you better act fast because this offer is only good for this weekend. If interested, email me at aa2newyork@aol.com with “60 Day Special: $60” on the subject line.


(Here is the normal Special I offer: https://pick3master333.com/60-special/)

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