If you play TN and ON, I suggest you look at 20 numbers every week. These come from the 5 hottest and coldest digits in the last 60 drawings. My 10 numbers are based on the 5 hottest digits in the last 60 drawings – but after back testing the COLD digits, I found out that playing the 10 numbers from the COLD digits resulted in 14 hits Tennessee. The HOT digits resulted in 9 hits; so the combined total was 23 hits by playing both sets of numbers (Total: 20 numbers). However, you don’t have to play all 7 days. You should see at least one hit by playing on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Similar results in ONTARIO Canada: Cold digits resulted in 16 hits in the last 10 weeks and the hot digits resulted in 14 hits, for a total of 30 HITS! This means that you should look at BOTH sets of numbers in ON. This means that you should use these two programs on Saturday night (the numbers are good for the next 7 days):

GOOD News!
I will be posting numbers for Mississippi on Sundays!

Check out Missouri HERE!

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