“How do I buy a stock on Robinhood?”

Good Morning. I thank you so much for the updated information yesterday for AMC. I did however set up an account with Robinhood. I linked my account number with all the information. I am afraid to say now I am at a loss on how to buy a stock with AMC. I did not see that as a choice to choose. Please advise me on what to do to buy shares in AMC. I will start small since this is my first time. Thank you so much.

Whenever you have a question: Go to YouTube and write the question up on the search bar and the corresponding videos will show up. So here you would write on the search bar: how do I buy a stock on robinhood? …and several videos will show up:

Watch a video or two (or several if its still not clear) and you will get the answer you want. 

Also….go to https://robinhood.com/  and ask the question up on top in the search bar.

Either one of these methods should give you the answer.


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