10 HOT Trending Stocks

These 10 trending stocks are no joke.

I ran a little experiment yesterday. 

I added a trigger on my Fidelity account yesterday
to the 10 stocks on this list. I wanted to know when
they went up by just $2.

The 10 stocks included (prices from yesterday):
SGOC at $8
COHU $32
SPRT at $19
NURO at $9

I got an Alert this morning:

SGOC is now $10 (up $2)
COHU is now $34 (up $2)
SPRT is now $31 (up $12)
NURO is now $15 (up $6)

I still have to wait until this evening to see if any
of the other stocks go up in price today – but just
the fact that these four stocks went up in price so
quickly is very impressive.

I am going to keep tracking these stocks.
If I decide to buy these stocks, I would only
buy the stocks under $20. Also, I would be
looking for a quick $2 profit and then get out.

I would set a limit order on the stocks.
For example: If I buy the stock at $10, I would
set a limit order to sell my shares at $12. This
will happen automatically.

If I buy the stock at $17, I would set
a limit order to sell my shares at $19, and so forth.

The alternative is to watch the stock closely for the
next 48 hours and then sell it when it reaches the
price you want (when its up $3 to $12…or higher).

It would also be a good idea to set a stop-loss.

I would keep this very tight (just $1 below the
purchase price).

For example….I would set it up so that if I buy
the stock at $10, my account would automatically
sell it if it goes down to $9.


SAVA from $51 to $58 in 24 Hours!

I just got another Alert.

SAVA was $51 yesterday.

Right now (11:49 AM) it is $58.

This stock went up $7 in 24 hours!

I just got this question:
How do I buy these stocks?

You need to open a brokerage account.
Then you have to put money in your account.

I recommend Fidelity:

and Robin Hood (download the app):

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