The Win 4 Report for 21 States!

NEW!! The 7 Day Books will now include the Win 4 Report for the 21 states listed below. This report will tell you the most due line in the Win 4 Master List in these 21 states. In addition, 7 Day Club members will also get the Red Report which will show which states had a hit the previous week.

Arkansas. California. Connecticut. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia. Illinois. Indiana. Maryland. Michigan. Missouri. New Jersey. New York. North Carolina. Ohio. Ontario. Pennsylvania. South Carolina. Tennessee. Texas. Virginia.

Quick Update: I am currently updating the free Win 4 Master List Report I sent out with NEW information and NEW strategies. The new strategies I discuss require that you use the information provided by these Win 4 Reports. You can learn how to join the 7 Day Club HERE. 

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